About this site

This site began in June 2023 and aims to document and elevate Philly biking culture. The Trellis is here to share stories about riders, their bikes, routes to ride, groups to ride with, shops to visit, coverage of special events, and more.

The Trellis

The Trellis refers to a popular Philly meeting spot used by all types of people as a place at which to meet, rest, or finish a ride. While the trellis is physically located at the north edge of the Schuylkill Banks near Paine's Skatepark, this site is a digital gathering-place for anyone to explore the depths of Philly's biking culture.


Like bicycle design and the city itself, this site is a constantly evolving work in progress. There will be a few mistakes along the way but care will be taken to make The Trellis the best and most inclusive version it can be.

Get Involved

Do you have ideas for a story or do you want to contribute an original story to the blog? Do you want to sponsor the blog or advertise? Don't hesitate to reach out! Email thetrellisphilly@gmail.com or DM on IG @thetrellisphilly.